(Hopefully) Useful Resources for You

Small Press/Publishing/Writing

-- a nice Yahoo! group for discussing small press issues
-- another Yahoo! group for beginning small publishers
-- a great discussion-list resource
-- THE top three small press associations:
-- a huge list of editors, agents, presses and more
-- listings of printers and much more for the small press
-- the Big Bad Book Blog (its bark is worse than its bite)
-- a great list of links to follow: general writing and publishing resources, self-publishing resources, online resources, pros and cons of self-publishing and the stigma of self-publishing
-- our Amazon store (to the right) features writing/publishing books we found useful

People we've worked with

Editor Marg Gilks
Interior Design/Typography John Cole
Web Designer Jared Aiden Wolf
Web Development Jesse Skinner
Web hosting Webmasters
Logo Design Rebekah of QuickBrownFoxDesign
Portrait Photography Shoshana Studio and Immortal Studio

Web Design

free, valid XHTML/CSS templates here and here
an interesting web hosting idea

Just for fun

The Onion
the luscious Kushiel's Legacy books