Welcome to Golden Girl Press, LLC

GGP, LLC is a new, small press. Although officially formed in 2006, it has been planned since 2003. We're thrilled beyond words to finally see it come to life. There is not a whole lot to this site right now since there's not a whole lot to the company (yet).

About Us

Golden Girl Press, LLC was created for the purpose of printing books deemed too outside the mainstream for other publishers. We believe that just because a book discusses a taboo topic doesn't mean it has no audience. We're quite aware of the many overlapping communities and cultures thriving just beneath the proper veneer of American life.

We relish exposing the other side because there is always another side.

Our Books

We have the first two books of a 4-part series out. We have two more planned for this series and several other growing ideas.

Our current offering is The Internet Escort's Handbook , Books 1 and 2. Book 1 discusses the online escort industry from the perspective of a woman who is deciding whether or not to take a new path in life. It covers the neccessary considerations before one embarks on a new career in an industry that lacks such a reference.

Although directly targeted at a particular audience, the book also works as an answer for the perpetually curious. Men and women not involved in the adult industry will probably enjoy the very intimate look at the inner workings of an ancient, mythic and much-maligned business.

Book 2 covers online advertising and marketing, including image-building, client communications and DIY Web design and photography. Though geared toward online escorts, any small business-person wishing to utilize the Internet for their business can benefit from the ways escorts maximize their online presence.

You can purchase Book 1, Book 2, or both through our online ordering page.


As a very new, very small press, we are not yet actively seeking new authors. We hope to start accepting new authors in another year or so. We regret having to say no right now, but please check back! Our goal is to create a press to give voice to those not usually heard, particularly those in the adult industry.